5 SPF Rules To Live By

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5 SPF Rules To Live By

The one step in our skincare routine we never miss? SPF - every single day. Why? You’ve heard it here before, but a broad-spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which can lead to premature ageing and sun damage.

For most of us, sunscreen is a staple part of our skincare routine. Others, however, might need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Here, we dive into our top SPF rules to never forget. Repeat after us… 

1. SPF is for everyone.

No matter your skin type, it is important to wear sunscreen. UV rays can still damage our skin in ways other than sunburn. The sun is responsible for a range of skin issues, from pigmentation and loss of firmness to premature ageing signs like wrinkles. So, no matter your skin type and regardless of whether you get sunburnt or where you live in the world - SPF is for everyone.

2. Wear it daily. 

Rain, hail or shine, applying SPF should be a habit, just like brushing your teeth. You may think working indoors means you don’t need to apply it - but many of us discount the sun exposure we get daily. Think: your morning coffee run, the walk to your car and back or the exposure from sitting next to a window. UVA rays can penetrate through clouds and glass; by making this step a habit, you’ll always be protected (and won’t need to think about it).

3. Be generous. 

You may think a pea-sized amount suffices, but the reality is, that most people don’t apply enough. To ensure you get the maximum level of protection offered by your sunscreen, we recommend applying a generous amount - equivalent to a teaspoon, to cover your face, neck, chest and ears. Apply it 20 minutes before sun exposure and then re-apply every two hours. 

4. Layer it.

SPF should be the final step in your morning routine. We suggest applying it to clean, dry skin before make up application and layered on top of your corrective serums, eye cream and moisturiser. Remember: cosmetics with an SPF are not a substitute; while they may offer some protection, they are not designed to provide a high level of protection compared to a broad spectrum sunscreen. 

5. Apply and re-apply.

Be diligent about reapplying your sunscreen every two hours. Reapplication is essential throughout the day to ensure your skin is protected all day long. When in doubt, follow the recommended usage displayed on your SPF bottle and set a timer on your phone to never forget.



*Always follow the directions for use. Sunscreens form only one part of sun protection. Apply frequently as directed for effective sun protection. Avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Want to find the right SPF for you?

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