Ultraceuticals About Us

Science based skincare.

We've been delivering powerful results for 25 years. Our purpose is to show the world the true power of professional skincare. To formulate performance-based products and treatments that deliver transformational confidence. 

Ultraceuticals About Us

Your personal skincare journey.

Our community is what matters most to us. At Ultraceuticals we recognise that everyone's skin concerns and goals are unique, and so is their skincare journey. We are committed to a personalised, tailored approach to skincare, combining science and understanding to deliver your best ever skin.

Ultraceuticals About Us

Efficacy without exception.

Founded by Dr. Geoffrey Heber, one of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians in 1998. We've spent the last 25 years formulating clinically proven skincare products that perform. Led by our in-house R&D team, we combine optimal levels of active ingredients and leading delivery technologies to create award-winning products.


Ultraceuticals real visible results
We are personal and understanding.

We are trustworthy, professional, and respectful.

Ultraceuticals committed to the journey
Committed to the journey.

We never take – or promise shortcuts. We believe in the journey and never promise overnight results.

Ultraceuticals Backed By Science
Backed by science, people driven.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Ultraceuticals efficacy without expectations
Efficacy, without exception.

Our thirst for life-long learning inspires innovation. If the product doesn’t work, it doesn’t launch.

Ultraceuticals Quote From Founder Dr Geoffrey Heber
Dr Geoffrey Heber Founder


Dr. Geoffrey Heber

Dr. Geoffrey Heber is a leading cosmetic physician who opened one of the first non-surgical cosmetic medical clinics in Australia, called Heber Davis Cosmetic Medicine, in 1988. It was there that he recognised his clients’ need for high-performance skincare products that were more effective than those generally found in department stores. 

He discovered his higher-performance formulations proved to maintain and enhance the visible results that his clients demanded. 

Ultraceuticals Global Education Ambassador Tracey Beeby


Tracey Beeby

Tracey Beeby is a renowned expert in the global skincare industry with over 35 years of technical education experience. As a previous clinic owner, Tracey understands the intricacies of business & brings her knowledge of world-class education delivery to Doctors, Dermal Therapists, Aestheticians & business owners.

She is passionate about results & helping customers & our clinic partners achieve real, quantifiable results with high-performance skincare treatments & products that actually work.


R&D Team

At the forefront of the brand is our in-house Research, Development & Innovation team based in Ultraceuticals head office in Sydney, Australia.

Working closely with our in house R & D Team, we strive to uncover the right combination of ingredients that create the most efficacy. Our vision is to deliver honest, tested and effective skincare products that enable our community to feel good about their skin.