Ultraceuticals Celebrating 25 Years

A pioneer in the emerging cosmeceuticals category.

As one of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians, Dr. Geoffrey Heber recognised the need for more powerful and effective professionally recommended skincare with claims that could be trusted.

So, in 1998 Ultraceuticals was founded - a new brand of performance-based cosmeceutical products and treatments that would really work for his clients and, everyone else. Skincare that married science and innovation with the understanding of everybody’s unique skin needs.

A brand that delivered powerful results and the skin confidence that transforms lives.

Harnessing the power of skincare. 

Our thirst for life-long learning inspires innovation. Our in-house R&D team of PhD Chemists concept Ultraceuticals' latest products. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to developing products and treatments that use the highest concentrations of active ingredients and innovative delivery technology in consumer-trialled formulations. 

Ultraceuticals Quote From Founder Dr Geoffrey Heber

A commitment to rigorous testing & research.

Our honest skincare formulas are clinically proven to perform. Never one to take shortcuts, we invest heavily in months of consumer and industry testing to ensure our formulas meet a rigorous standard of excellence. Every time.

If the product doesn’t work, it doesn’t launch.

Ultraceuticals Client Experience

A professionally-driven brand. 

Our products and treatments are used and endorsed by skincare professionals. We recognise that everyone’s skin goals are unique and so is the treatment plan and product regimen needed to achieve them. As a result, our products are available where trained skincare advisors can provide professional recommendations.

Ultraceuticals C Firming Serum

The product that started it all. 

Established in 1998 - Ultra C Firming Serum celebrates 25 years with us.

"Other companies weren’t bringing out products containing new ingredients such as Vitamin C, so I was driven to create this myself, launching it as the first Ultraceuticals product."

- Dr. Geoffrey Heber, FOUNDER