How To Pick The Right Moisturiser

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Ultraceuticals Moisturisers

All skin types need to moisturise daily, but it is important to choose one suitable to your skin type.

Achieving optimal hydration is essential to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier so that the skin can better protect itself against harsh environmental stressors. This is why choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type is important; it restores comfort after cleansing and ultimately, supports a strong and healthy skin barrier. 

Here are our recommendations:

Dry skin

Rich, creamy formulas are a must to replenish dry skin. We suggest opting for a nourishing formula like Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream which features powerful moisturising ingredients that support the skin's natural barrier function, allowing the skin to attract, bind and retain optimal moisture. This one will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and plump.

Oily or Congested Skin

Even if you’re oily, you still need to lock in vital hydration with a moisturiser. You’ll want a lightweight, oil-free formula that conditions the skin without the thick residue. Our choice? Ultra Hydrating Lotion which contains Ceramide NP and Linoleic Acid designed to nourish the skin’s surface layers that are often compromised in oily, congested skin. 

Sensitive Skin

Soothing and gentle formulas to calm hypersensitivity are the go-to. Ultra Calming Moisturiser Cream features a powerful blend of Ceramides, Prebiotics and Phytosterol to help hydrate, condition and support the skin’s protective barrier. 

Dull Skin

Enhance skin’s brightness, clarity and luminosity with Ultra Brightening Moisturiser Cream. This nourishing moisturiser is formulated with a complex of brightening ingredients and Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) that leaves the complexion looking smooth, hydrated and radiant. 

For optimal results, we recommend applying moisturiser to your face and neck in the morning and night after you’ve cleansed and applied your corrective serums

Still unsure which moisturiser is right for you?

We recommend booking an online skin consultation or visiting your local Ultraceuticals salon or clinic for personalised advice.