The Votes Are In: RVR90™ 2023 Hand Challenge

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Ultra Rejuvenating Night Hand Complex

The tiaras have officially been crowned for this year’s RVR90™ Challenge. The esteemed competition sees our Ultra Skin Therapists transform your skin over a 30 and//or 90-day period following a customised treatment and homecare routine.

This year, our Ultra Skin Therapists were dedicated to transforming your hands. Why? you may ask. Our hands are one of the first areas to show the visible signs of skin ageing, including age spots, pigmentation, coarse skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles - or if you’re lucky, all of the above.

Considering that this year’s competition saw an overwhelming outpour of entries, showcasing incredible transformations to the skin on the hands (thanks to our new and very special Ultra Rejuvenating Night Hand Complex) - winning means serious business.

Our experts have voted, and we’re thrilled to share the winners from this year’s competition below.

30 Day Winner: Treatments & Homecare

Guest: Michael Micevski

Therapist: Melissa Micevska from The Beauty Circle, VIC

“I’m a tradie that never took care of my hands. I didn’t believe that any product could fix how dry my hands were…I'm so glad I got the help of my Therapist Melissa at The Beauty Circle I felt very comfortable and trusted her knowledge…My hands no longer feel or look dry, rough and wrinkly.” - Michael Micevski

30 Day Winner: Treatments + Modalities

Guest: Christine Dragicevich

Therapist: Leigh-Ann from Pier Street Cosmetics, WA.

“She’s a very happy patient! She is showing her hands to everyone now. Loved the way her hands felt in the morning after using the cream.” - Leigh-Ann on behalf of Marisa Dragicevich

90 Day Winner: Treatments & Homecare

Guest: Karen Gallagher

Therapist: Margaret Ottley from Ultimate Care Skin & Body Centre, NSW.

“Karen is very pleased with her results…Much smoother and brighter appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles have severely decreased.” - Margaret on behalf of Karen Gallagher.

90 Day Winner: Treatments + Modalities

Guest: Susan Dalby

Therapist: Annette Buchanan from Annette’s Electrolysis & Beauty Clinic, NZ.

“I’m really pleased with the results so far. The Ultraceuticals sunscreen, serum and night cream have been the most helpful to make the IPL treatment a success…I can’t believe my hands are the same ones I’ve had for 82 years and were looking rather old, wrinkly and spotted!.” - Susan Dalby


Congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thank you to all of our wonderful Ultra Skin Therapists and guests who participated.

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Ultra Rejuvenating Night Hand Complex

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