How To Brighten Your Skin In 30 Days

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Ultraceuticals new corrective serum for brighter skin.

If you’re looking to make your dull skin glow, it’s time to switch up your morning skincare routine. 

By this, we don’t mean throwing out all your products and splurging on an entirely new line-up. There is, however, one corrective serum you need on your radar proven to brighten, smooth and revive your complexion in 30 days. 

Ultra Brightening Serum is our tried and true corrective for brighter skin. If you haven’t already heard, our powerful formula recently had an upgrade and is now available in mild strength. More on that below.


What's new about our formulation?

Our new and improved formulation is proven to visibly reduce discolouration, smooth texture, and brighten and rejuvenate the skin. How? It’s all thanks to a powerful complex of 5 skin-brightening ingredients.

Mandelic Acid to gently exfoliate and refine the complexion, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to improve dullness, Oxyresveratol and Acetyl Zingerone for antioxidant protection as well as Propionic Acid that helps to reduce the signs of premature photo-ageing in the skin.

The powerful blend of these ingredients works to achieve a more even skin tone by reducing discolouration and dark spots while also restoring a visibly radiant, more luminous complexion.


What skin types benefit from Ultra Brightening Serum?

Our formula is suitable for oily, combination and dry skin types. Those with a dull, uneven skin tone will especially benefit from its ability to revitalise the complexion and minimise discolouration, while those dealing with rough skin texture will love the gentle exfoliation it provides from Mandelic Acid.


How to add Ultra Brightening Serum into your routine.

After your morning cleanse, apply 2-3 pumps to your fingertips and massage them into your face and neck. The perfect cleanser to pair? Ultra Brightening Cleanser. This cleanser is silky, light-lathering and features a brightening ingredient complex that supports skin hydration and helps to give it a luminous glow.

Follow with Ultra Brightening Moisturiser Cream to lock in hydration in the morning and evening and always remember to wear your sunscreen - a daily non-negotiable.

In 2 weeks, your skin will feel soft, smooth and more supple. In 30 days, you’ll notice a visible improvement in skin tone and overall radiance.

As with all of our correctives, introduce this serum gradually into your routine. You can do this by starting on our mild strength: Ultra Brightening Serum Mild once per day, on alternative days for the first month before progressing to daily application. If you are using our previous Ultra Brightening Serum formula, you may continue to use this same strength.

*Cosmeto-clinical trial, 20 panelists applied once daily over 30 days.